S a i l i n g   t o w a r d s    a    S m a r t  &  S a f e    f u t u r e    w i t h    o u r    t e c h n o l o g y
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eVidya & eLogin™ virtual class,

promoted by NTQ a Research & Development Initiative of KANOE Group a comprehensive cloud based ERP for Schools, Colleges, Universities,Training Institutes.

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ePath is a comprehensive pathology lab managment system, where multiple pathology lab or chain of pathology labs may function on a single platform on cloud.

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A comprehensive end to end Application for Dental Association, Dental Council, with features like CDE, CPT, Dentist Search, Dental Clinic Application and 50+ Applications on multiple platforms

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eCommerce Portals are online platforms that allow businesses to conduct interactions and transactions with customers and suppliers instantly, facilitating a more intuitive and connected operation

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An end to end Employee management software with  employee engagement ,  payroll, employeee tracking, 360 performance & feedback systems 30+ associated Apps.


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